Brew Review – Imperial Chocolate Chili Stout by Concrete Beach Brewery @concretebeachfl

It’s always interesting to see when a brewery gets a new head brewer. Sure, the new person has to stay true to the established recipes, but they also have to make their name for themselves, along with keeping the fires going for the brewery itself. 

I have seen this happen a bit recently, and Concrete Beach is one of those breweries. I can definitely say that Marco Reyna, CCB’S new brew master, is doing a pretty good job. On a recent visit, I tried one of his newer beers, the distinctly un-Miami Imperial Chocolate Chili Stout (Imperial Stout, 9.1% ABV). 


This beer brings the heat. Seriously. It’s insanely thick and chewy, with heavy malts laden down with big toffee, coffee, and pumpernickel notes. 

In the middle of this are habanero and guajillo chilies. This combination brings a definite, unmistakable, and wonderfully strong kick that sorts of smacks around your taste buds. It’s not as strong or insane as sucking down a bottle of Tapatio, but you best be ready for this, son. 
It’s an odd choice for Miami in March, but it sure is tasty. And, if memory serves me correctly, Concrete Beach is now serving this on nitro, which I’m sure is incredibly good as well. 

And you can put it on burritos, too. (That’s a joke, BTW.)

Drink Florida Craft, 




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