Brew Review – Tart Saison by Native Brewing/New River Brewing

I love seeing a brewmaster hanging outside their brewery when I drive up. 

Backtracking quite a bit, most South Florida beer fans are very well familiar with Riverside Market and its sister location Craft Beer Cartel. The Cartel has been the de facto home of Adam Fine and his Native Brewing. Along with a killer bottle and growler lineup, Adam and his team have been brewing and teaching homebrewing classes for some time now. 

Julian and Lisa Siegel (proprietors of Riverside Market) have been expanding their chain with their 3rd location due to open in Plantation soon. And now Adam and the Siegels, along with restauranteurs The Restaurant People, take the natural next step: New River Brewing. 

New River will be opening downtown close to the Broward County Courthouse later this year. Adam will be using their gorgeous copper brewing system, purchased from the closed Brewzzi location at CityPlace in West Palm Beach. Some recipes will be new, while others are brews Adam has made a long time ago but never really had the chance to revisit. That’s a large part of what Adam is doing right now; getting new recipes ready for the new facility. 

And that’s how I found myself pulling up to Craft Beer Cartel and seeing Adam Fine himself hanging outside. We chattet for a bit about how well Craft Beer Cartel is going and how things are starting to ramp up for New River. From what he’s been saying, there will be a lot of good things coming once they open. 

I also wanted to grab a growler of the magic he’s been brewing in preparation for their opening. He had one beer on tap, a Tart Saison (Saison, 5.8% ABV). 

It’s pretty delicious, and has a really nice, wine-like quality to it. There’s a really nice, light citrus quality to the aroma courtesy of Hallertauer hops. In terms of flavor, it’s nowhere nearly as intensely tart as some breweries like to make their saisons, and there’s also a complete lack of half-baked roughness that makes it feel like the beer was rushed out of production. 

This beer was refined, and it’s pretty obvious. Time was taken with this, and teh result was a deliciously fruity, yet remarkably soft and subtle melange of flavors. It’s enough to want to see what else is cooking up at Craft Beer Cartel for the time being. 

The end of the year is too long to wait. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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