Brew Review – Limey Sailor and Daily Chores by Walking Tree Brewing @walkingtreebrew

Vero is so close and yet so far. 

And it’s home to Walking Tree, the brewery just named Best Brewery at the Best Florida Beer championship very recently. What made me lucky was that Walking Tree came to the recent Brew at the Zoo at the Palm Beach Zoo. My wife and I made a beeline right for them. 

I didn’t want to drain the tent of all ther beer, so we tried two of their brews brought to the event:

I got Limey Sailor (Berliner Weisse, 3.4% ABV), a light and tart Berliner with a good flavor of fresh lime. It’s tart and just toes the line of being too tart without going over. The kick is there, and it’s a lot of fun without being aggressive or muddling over light and fruity malt base. 

My wife enjoyed Daily Chores (Saison, 5.9% ABV), a refreshing saison that had a lot of didn’t have a ton of Farmhouse funkiness. There’s just a lot of light, wheat-forward body and a refreshing flavor with faint notes of citrus.

There’s a reason why Walking Tree is so well regarded. And the beers we tried were actually the perfect kick-off to a fun nught of brews. My next step is to put on my big boy pants and drive to Vero to see them in person. 

It’s just so far…

Drink Florida Craft, 




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