Brew Review – Bananas Foster Cream and Tart Cherry Quad by Ookapow Brewing @ookapowbrewing

It is with great happiness that I can finally report Ookapow Brewing is in the process of opening their brewing facility. Opening later this year, Ookapow Brewing will be in West Palm Beach, just south of the Kravitz Center and CityPlace. 

Damian Ramos told me about the new place at this year’s Brew at the Zoo at the Palm Beach Zoo, not too far fro the new brewery. He also had several new beers for my wife and I to try, which was good since it’s been a while since I’ve had some of his wares. 

I had the Bananas Foster Cream Ale (Cream Ale, 5% ABV), the one on the left and a fantastic beer with a light body but a rich, full flavor. It’s deliciously sweet, with a nice, creamy banana flavor that blends with a biscuity malt quality instead of overpowering it.

My wife, however, went for the Tart Cherry Quadrupel (Quadrupel, 12% ABV). I was able to have a sip of it, mostly becaue she wanted the rest for herself. And she was exactly correct for doing so; this is not a beer you share with others so you get to savor every drop yourself.

There’s a ridiculously chewy, intensely caramel and plum-filled body in this beer that hides a deceptively deep and heavy 12% ABV. The cherry flavor is strong and candy-like, making a beer that is already inviting too good to pass up.

Apparently there is an aged bottle of this waitig for me. I’m not sharing it with anyone, either. Once Ookapow opens, however, I’m sure Damian will have lots of bottles for people to enjoy. And I can’t wait for that opening to happen soon.

Just get your own bottle.

Drink Florida Craft,



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