Brew Review – Mora Madness by Accomplice Ciderworks @AccompliceCider

Mora, as I recently discovered, is a drink native to South America made with blackberries, sugar, and water. It’s basically a blackberry cider, just without the alcohol part. 

Or you can make it a cider, as my friends at Accomplice Ciderworks in West Palm Beach did recently. They were at he Palm Beach Zoo’s recent Brew at the Zoo, oddly enough in the South American area, pouring samples of Mora Madness (Cider, 8% ABV).

Accomplice’s sommelier and cidermaker Matt Stetson makes a more European cider, which finishes a lot drier than its American counterparts. This is why I was a little amazed at Mora Madness and how sweet it was. 

It’s deliciously fruity, as juicy as a a pouch of Capri Sun and as easy to drink as well. Somewhere this thing clocks in at 8% ABV, and it’s not apparent at all. This is pretty dangerous, especially if it’s on tap when Accomplice does their gluten-free All You Can Drink Sunday brunch. It’s a great brew and highlights the berry qualities quite well. 

Like everything they do, it’s gluten free. I’m bringing that up since one of the things VIP visitors to the event (not me, unfortunately) got to sample was Accomplice’s first gluten free beer. Once I get to sample it as well, I will let you know how it is, dear readers. 

That being said, I was quite content with my Mora Madness. I would definitely want to get more of that soon. 

See me sidestep that pun? You’re welcome. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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