Brew Review – Triangulation by Cigar City/Perrin/Oskar Blues @cigarcitybeer @perrinbrewing @oskarblues

I’m fairly certain the sale of Tampa-based Cigar City Brewing to Colorado-based Oskar Blues sent pretty significant waves through the Florida craft beer community. Sure, it could have been worse, and lucky for many their Intent to Sell agreement with AB lapsed long enogh for them to become the next jewel in the Oskar Blues crown. 

Their first acquisition, about a year before the CCB deal went down, was Michigan-based Perrin Brewing. Now, as part of the expansion and capital influx coming from the sale, Perrin Brewing has started to come into the Sunshine State with a range of their canned standards (no bombers yet). 

Part of the media blitz introducing them to the state was reaching out to Florida-based beer bloggers (yours truly included). This is how I found myself staring down two 6-packs and a handful of bombers, including their 15% ABV ‘Vietnamese Porter’ that sounds incredible as long as I have someone to tuck me in once I’m finished. 

The beer I was most interested in, however, was Triangulation (Oatmeal Stout, 9% ABV, 60 IBU), a collaboration between Perrin, Cigar City, and Oskar Blues. It’s the first of Perrin’s beers I am seeing in wide release, even being available at Publix.

Beer-wise, it’s a strong stout with a thick, heady body. There are some massively huge malt notes in the beer, laden down with notes of coffee, pumpernickel, and a hint of Dutch cocoa. The flavor starts strong and, bolstered with a liberal addition of earthy hop notes, stays strong on the palate. Mouthfeel is clean and soft, and the aroma brigs out a lot of the coffee and bready hints in the beer. 

This is nowhere near a weak beer, and is a great introduction to the state for Perrin. I still have many more beers of theirs to try, and I’m looking forward to them. I doubt, however, they’ll all be as strong and enveloping as Triangulation. 

Maybe except for that Vietnamese Porter.

Drink Florida Craft, 




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