Brew Review – Dublin Over & Big Ol’ Red by Titanic Brewery @titanicbrewery

It has been an exorbitant time since my wife and I had lunch at Titanic Brewery, a great little brewpub close to the University of Miami campus. If memory serves me correctly, the last time we went, our daughter hadn’t been born yet. Since we were in the area, and we were hungry, why not take our little one for lunch?

Our server, expecting a little one herself, was fantastic. The food is always good, especially the beef stew made with one of TBC’S darker beers. And, of course, there was the beer. I had gotten a flight on our last trip, so I was familiar with their core beers. Time for some seasonals:

Dublin Over (Red Ale, 6.5% ABV) – I’m a sucker for anything mentioning Dublin. Heck, I’m wearing a Dublin shirt right now. It’s where my beautiful wife and I spent our honeymoon, so naturally there will be an affinity. I wish I had beers like this when I went, though.

I’m not saying Dublin beer is bad, of course. This beer is just that good. There’s a great copper color to the beer that gives way to a malty base with just enough caramel sweetness to balance a liberal floral hoppiness.

Big Ol’ Red (Belgian Ale, 8% ABV) – There is a lot going on in this beer. Flavors are coming in from all sides, There’s a good bubble gum funkiness from belgian yeast. To that, loads of US hops were added to give a light alpha acid kick. The grain bill boasted malts that were roasted, smoked, and honey to boot, all of which led to a complex and slightly sweet base and finished product.

Titanic has some great things going for it, and for those dad beer afficionados like me, is a greatplaceto bring the kids mid-day for abite to eat as well. I wish I had known how good their seasonals were when I went previously or else I would have made it back earlier.

Hopefullymy next time going won’t be when my daughter graduates high school.

Drink Florida Craft,


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