Brew Review – Robonaut Red by Playalinda Brewing @playalindabrews

Titusville is about an hour east of Orlando, the quintessential heart of Florida’s Space Coast. Its proximity to Kennedy Space Center, Port Canaveral, and huge concentration of various military/space contractors keeps the area busy with locals and tourists. 

For those taking the trip into downtown Titusville, some might venture into the old, bright yellow hardware store that is now Playalinda Brewing. The brewery’s named for a nearby beach, a go-to spot for the locals. 

It’s actually the first location for them, having recently opened their production facility/brewpub The Brix Project on the outskirts of town. 

With great expansion comes great distribution, of course. They haven’t gone south, but they did go west, and when I went west as well, I was able to grab some Robonaut Red (Amber Ale, 5.3% ABV).

It’s a deliciously balanced red ale, a surprisingly difficult feat to pull off. Most reds like to be caramel sundaes or hop bombs. With Robonaut (a name that feels ripped from some 1960’s Soviet Union Sci-Fi film), both are present and keep each other delicately controlled. 

Hops are present, with a moderate earthy bouquet. The caramel malts are also there in a strong but not overpowering presence. The result is a very satisfying, flavor-forward brew with a great presence, beautiful color, and easy-to-drink feel. 

Time will tell to see how far Playalinda will expand. It’s my hope that their plans, powered by the incredible word of mouth they are getting, will get them more coverage in the state. 

Or maybe they can drop me a few growlers from a passing rocket. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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