Brewery Visit – Brew Hub @TheBrewHub

Brew Hub is kind of a nutty place to be. It’s disgustingly huge, and the tap list is really, really interesting. 

To explain, Brew Hub – a giant beige building right on I-4 just outide Lakeland – is a massive contract-style brewery meant to assist breweries incerease their output. The list of breweries that brew, can, and distribute using Brew Hub’s facilities and distribution capabilities. 

Their list of partner breweries is quite interesting with organizations such as Cigar City, BJ’s Restaurant, Orange Blossom Brewing, Toppling Goliath, Tomoka Brewing, and more. They are also the exclusive home of breweries such as High Heel Brewing, Golf Beer, Keybilly, and more.

What’s interesting is that their taproom, similarly big, has all of these beers on tap. So yes, you can get Keybilly, a red ale from a Korean brewery, stuff from Tomoka, and Jai Alai.

They’re still brewing their own beers, of course. Some get wide release, and some can only be had in Lakeland, such as Ubii (Kolsch, 5% ABV).

And I didn’t even know a Black Kolsch as a thing.

Apparently some people are getting all cranky about this being called a style, preferring it be called a Schwarzbeer, or whatever is closer. Those people can hush. First of all, Ubii isn’t a Schwarzbeer. It’s not strong enough or intense enough for that. 

Second, it’s pretty darn close to a traditional Kolsch when it comes to having a light, easy to drink body, strong malty flavor, and big fruity notes. It’s everything I love in my personal favorite Dunkelweizens, but more grounded. 

Plus there’s a lot more beer where that came from. I’m sure there’s going to be more on that tap board.

Drink Florida Craft,




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