Brew Review – Buckhorn Stout by Ulele @ulele @bobbuckhorn

For not actually living in Tampa, I tend to see Mayor Bob Buckhorn a lot. SInce becoming mayor in 2011, Mayor Buckhorn tends to appear in a lot of different places promoting the city, such as videos about the new Riverwalk, tooling around town on rental bikes to promote traffic relief, and appearing on billboards to taunt attendees at the 2012 Republican National Convention (He’s a Demorat. Even still, that last one probably wasn’t officially sanctioned by the mayoral office). 

Mayor Buckhorn also credits his Irish heritage for his love of beer. It’s not terribly out of the ordinary to find him at a brewery opening or enjoying a pint. Now he, the lucky punk, has a beer named after him: Buckhorn Stout (Stout, 5% ABV).

Of course they designed the tap handles with lots of shamrocks. 

It’s only available at Tampa Height’s wonderful Ulele resturant. It’s also one of 4 taps in the new Ulele outpost at Tampa International Airport, sharing Airside C with Goody Goody and, on the other side, Cigar City. 

If the beer is anything like the man, he’s a pretty tough cookie. Ulele’s brewmaster Tim Shackton has created a big, bold stout full of amazingly rich flavors of coffee, molasses, and roasted nuts. Just the aroma of the beer is chock full of big roasted malty goodness. It’s almost amazing the ABV on the beer is so low with as heady and chewy as it drinks. 

Given the limited nature of the beer, I’m happy I was able to get a pint. I can assume Mayor Buckhorn gets te beer whenever he want. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he had a filled kegerator in his City Hall office. 

Now I have to run for mayor to get my own beer. 

Drink Florida Craft,




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