Brew Review – Blizzard of Darkness & Vanilla Chamomile Agave Wheat by Devour Brewing @devour_brewing

I did something a little dumb here. Not going to lie. 

It is difficult to sample several beers in relatively rapid succession. I could never drink several pints fast for clearly obvious reasons, but after a while you kinda get palate burn. It’s hard to discern some of the subtleties inherent in quality craft beers after you’ve killed your tongue with a few brews with the nuances of an enraged Silverback. 

Such as was my mistake when visiting Chip and Trish Breightner from Devour Brewing. Taking a look at what they brought to the recent Brew at the Zoo event at the Palm Beach Zoo. Instead of reading the offerings and planning by beer sampling accordingly like a good blogger would do, I dove right into  Blizzard of Darkness Milk Stout (Milk Stout, 5.9% ABV, 20.9 IBU).

The name accurately depicts how big and bold this beer is. It’s thick and chewy, with gigantic notes of coffee and molasses along with toasted coconut, brown sugar, and vanilla beans. It’s an incredibly intense milkshake of doom, basically.

Of course, after that is when I decided to go for the Vanilla Chamomile Agave Wheat (Wheat Ale, 5.4% ABV, 14.5 IBU), an incredibly soft and delicate beer that is really difficult to appreciate after you lay total waste to your tongue.

It’s nicely subtle and rewards beer drinkers with blue agave, chamomile flower, and more natural vanilla. Had I started with this, I am sure the flavors of each would be more discernible. It’s really soft and refreshing, and I need to go back to Devour to try it again.

Not exactly a bad thing.

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