Brew Review – Orange Crush by Hidden Springs Ale Works @HiddenSpringsAle

Hidden Springs Ale Works isn’t really that hidden. The springs that gave the brewery its name, that was hidden for some time. It’s also the same springs that gave nearby Ulele its name and location. 

Hidden Springs is right on Franklin St., within visual range of Water Works Park and in an area of Tampa Heights clearly going through a much needed revitalization. And that’s just the way co-owners Joshua Garman and Austin Good like it. 

Opening the brewery in 2015, Joshua and Austin found the location and loved the fact that as the area grew, they would be there ready to supply the new residents with quality craft beer. There are no windows from the tap room into the production floor, but the doors to the brewery itself always seem to be open and accessible from Franklin St.

The beers are also pretty accessible, heavy on the IPAs but with a good range of others. I wasn’t in the mood for anything heavy when I went, so I decided on a pint of Orange Crush (Hefeweizen, 5.7% ABV).

I can’t do anything but sing R.E.M. when I think of this beer.

So the beer is an interesting melange of light wheat flavors plus the honey and orange adjuncts. The base beer is light, very refreshing, very bready with maybe a floral hint of hops.

On top of that comes the orange, a flavor that is more reminiscent of the sudden sweetness and slight toughness coming from orange zest rather than orange juice. It makes sense and really adds a lot to the wheaty goodness. The honey is there, but muted somewhat. It’s more for a refreshing orange wheat ale than anything syrupy.

There was more to try. I never got the chance. But I will need to do so, hopefully soon.

Luckily, it’ll be easy for me to find my way back.

Drink Florida Craft,



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