Brew Review – Chocolate Putin by Bone Hook Brewing @bonehookbeer

My family and I have a special affinity for Naples’ Bone Hook Brewing. Our first visit there was literally their second day of operation, well before their grand opening.

When you get to do something like that, you tend to get a sense of ownership about a place, you know?

Of course, we don’t have any concrete connection to them. And we didn’t stay long, since a day at the beach tends to make little ones sleepy.

But I purchased a gorgeous Bone Hook stainless steel growler and filled that vessel with a beer whose namesake is everyone’s favorite shirtless bear wrestling Russian, Chocolate Putin (Imperial Stout, 9.8% ABV, 50 IBU).

It’s as thick and strong as you would expect from a ruthless dictator with ties to the KGB. Insanely deep and flavorful, beer is big with taste of coffee and plum. Beer has deep malt that is strong like ox. Bold and chewy like motor oil. Chocolate flavor is heavy like rain cloud.

Is beer for grandma, if grandma take steroids and throw car across state line. Much flavor. Heavy and very good. Very good beer.

Is last blog post I write like Boris Badenov. Still funny.

Drink Florida Craft then find moose and squirrel,


P.S. Wife does better Russian accent than me.


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