Brew Review – Little Havana Cafe Con Leche by Miami Brewing @miamibrewingco

Little Havana is one of those neighborhoods that, even if you’ve never been, it’s still very well known and completely ingrained in the public psyche. Like San Francisco’s Chinatown with more rum.

Along with Calle Ocho and Versailles, another famous – controversial to some – landmark is Marlins Park, home of the Miami Marlins baseball team. State of the art and gorgeous to some, waste of funds and an eyesore to others. 

Don’t know. Haven’t been yet. 

This season, which just got started a few weeks ago, Marlins Park will be welcoming its newest attraction, a Miami Brewing Co. Beer Garden, complete with music, really amazing artwork, and MBC’s beers.

One beer that has been on tap there, and has been moving quite well, is their Little Havana Cafe Con Leche (Stout, 4.3% ABV). This is actually a bit surprising, since coffee milk stouts aren’t exactly the most traditional fit for watching a baseball game. 

But the people are liking it. A lot. It’s pretty good too, possibly my favorite in the MBC catalog. It has a soft, clean malt profile, still flavorful and containing notes of cocoa and a hint of caramel, but extremely refined. To that, a great creamy flavor and smooth mouthful come in courtesy of a liberal load of lactose.

Plus there’s that coffee. Cuban coffee, stronger and more potent than its more common cousin. Add that rich and robust flavor to the already delicious milk stout, and you can see why everyone at Marlins Park is getting a pint. 

That beer garden, by the way, will be having its grand opening on Friday, May 12th. Gates open at 5:30PM, so head over, say hi to Pete, and grab a pint of Little Havana. 


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One thought on “Brew Review – Little Havana Cafe Con Leche by Miami Brewing @miamibrewingco

  1. It’s a good beer.. If you find yourself in area again before a game check out Union Beer Store. It’s on 15th and 8th St in Little Havana. Incredible!


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