Brew Review – Trekker Bier by Central 28 @central28beer

It is starting to get a little nuts out there in Florida Craft Beer land. There are a lot of breweries that are doing great things on an incredibly small scale, some are doing lackluster things statewide, and there’s a huge number of breweries to choose from inbetween. 

One of those breweries that are doing absoluely mindblowing things on a small scale is Central 28, based in DeBary. Being close to Daytona Beach and the I-4 corridor, they currently can and distribute, but within a small footprint. 

That, dear readers, is a shame, since they put out some of the consistently highest-quality beers in the Sunshine State. Take, for example, one of their canned year-round releases, Trekker Bier (Saison, 4.5% ABV, 20 IBU).

As a saison, and as an easy-drinking beer in general, Trekker is better than any beer has any right to be.

Most saisons, as a hallmark of the style, tend to have a sharp flavor and spiky mouthfeel. These weren’t beers that were labored over with a fine toothed comb; they were quick to brew and quicker to distribute to take advantage of the short time of year in which they were produced.

With Trekker, Central 28 brewmaster/co-owner Geoff DeBisshop created a beer that at once has the fruity aromas of a traditional farmhouse, coupled with the easy drinking malt smoothness of a cream ale or a Kolsch. Yes, there’s a slight funky tang on the initial flavor, but that acts as more of a lead in to the lemony sweetness of New Zealand hops and a river of big Canadian malt. 

It is a quintessential summer beer, an expertly crafted and refreshing brew, and a great addition to Central 28’s canned lineup available anytime, but only in the Orlando-Daytona area. That makes a beer blogger sad. 

Want more. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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