Brew Review – P.I.M.P. by Tampa Bay Brewing Co. @TBBCo

Props to Tampa Bay Brewing for the most interesting backronym name for a beer. If the sexy, dentally-challenged individual on the label was any clue, today’s beer is clearly made for a   P.I.M.P. (Porter, 9.5% ABV).

This, naturally, stands for Peruvian Imperial Milk Porter. Heavy on the imperial part, in fact. PIMP is a very thick and chewy beer, much more than a standard stout but maybe not as intense as a Russian Imperial.

It has big notes of coffee and a solid use of Peruvian cacao nibs for a meaty sweetness. All of that naturally blends well with creamy lactose to make the beer velvety smooth and tasty.

In the end, however, that malt wins out, and the big 9.5% ABV tends to be the victor. It’s a delicious beer, but it’s also a big beer, and not one to take lightly. Enjoyed, but not too much.

It’ll knock your teeth right out, apparently.

Drink Florida Craft,


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