Brew Review – Mexican Coffee by Funky Buddha @funkybuddhabrew

Tequila and I aren’t good friends. 

I never really cared for it that much, and it usually just makes me ill. But other people love it, and from the recent explosion of tequila bars (one at Epcot, no less), it seems that high quality tequilas are starting to become the  in thing. I, however, will be sticking with beer.

When it coems to aging beer with spirits, bourbon is easily the most common to find. It doesn’t take much for a brewery to find a seasoned and well-aged bourbon barrel. WHiskey and rum aren’t nearly as common but still somewhat prolific.

Tequila barrel aged beers, however, aren’t something I come across a lot. In fact, I think I’ve only tried one before. Two, now, with a recent bottle of Mexican Coffee (Stout, 11.3% ABV, 45 IBU).

Mexican Coffee joins a long, long line of excellent, dessert-y Funky Buddha stouts and porters. It’s what they do and do well. This one was done well, combining a rich dark malt that already had notes of coffee and cocoa and adding more coffee, plus a kiss of cinnamon, to the beer.

From there, the brew was aged in Jose Cuervo reposado tequila barrels. Reposado tequila has been aged for up to a year in the wood; not nearly as woody as anejo tequila, but with more aging than young blanco tequila.

Aging in a lightly used barrel imparts a lightly earthy character to the beer. It’s an interesting mix of grassy and briny notes, but it stays remarkably quiet. It’s the coffee that really comes out, but the cinnamon and tequila give it a great flavor that is all at once sweet, mellow, and deep.

It’s also very limited. I can guarantee nothing, but there might still be a few bottles around. It’s one of the pricier bottles that Funky has released, to good reason. It’s a unique flavor profile and a nice treat.

And you can leave the lime and salt at home.

Drink Florida Craft,


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