Brew Review – Batch 1300 American Wild Ale by Brewzzi @brewzzi

Brewzzi is one of those restaurants that looks like the entire thing was built from the remnants of a copper steam locomotive and the circa-1800’s train station that housed it. 

Add the shiny copper brew system behind the plate glass windows,  and it’s the quintessential steampunk man cave. 

It’s also been around for 19 years. For much of that, brewmaster Matt Manthe has been at the controls, brewing a range of great beers and a wide variety of seasonals with his trademark inventiveness when it comes to yeast and bacteria. 

This is why it came as no great shock that as they celebrated their 1,300th batch of beer, it was with Batch 1300: Dry Hopped American Wild Ale (Wild Ale, 7.2% ABV, 12 IBU). 

With someone as amazing knowledgeable as Mr. Manthe at the helm, the beer menu is always chock full of juicy details that beer people like me love to read about. So, Batch 1300 was aged for 14 months with Lacto and Pedio chomping away at the maltose. It was then further aged with a liberal dry hopping of fresh Azacca hops.

And lo and behold, this is quite the soothing and refreshing beer, especially for a wild ale. I’m used to such bacterial wonderlands being more akin to an MMA cage match for the taste buds. This beer was closer to a quiet, sunny beach. It’s not intense at all and that was absolutely perfect. 

There’s a slight aroma of peach on the nose, but the taste tends to be a bit more blended with lemon, lime, apple, and even a touch of grape. It’s got a remarkable depth of flavors that still manage to be mature and understated enough to be, say, a hefeweizen. 

Yes, people looking for Mr. Manthe’s trademark funk will not be disappointed. It’s not nearly to the level that he displays with Odd Breed Wild Ales, but it’s still present. This is more accessible. 

It’s also incredibly limited, so if you’re a fan of beers such as these, I’d head out pretty fast. 

Just don’t steal the restaurant fixtures. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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