Brew Review – Big Deal Lager by Darwin Brewing @darwinbrewingco

Bradenton is so close that I feel fortunate, yet so far away that it’s frustrating. I am lucky in that it’s close enough to where I can get beers from one of my favorite Gulf Coast breweries, Darwin Brewing Co. 

The interesting thing about it is that Darwin has signed an exclusivity deal with Lucky’s Markets around the state to release the Big Deal series. The first two have been released, and while I can still find the Chocolate Cherry Stout, I never found the DIPA at the Lucky’s by me. 

The third beer in the Big Deal series, Big Deal Lager (Helles Lager, 4.2% ABV) is coming soon and in 6-packs this time! 

It’s brewed like a Helles, but with a noticeable lack in overpowering malty sweetness. This one was brewed more for crispness and drinkability in the Florida summer. Think more like a Pilsner without the significant hoppiness. 

It has a light malt snap with a lack of overt bitterness, but still manages to feel and sip very smoothly. This should be replacing macro beers in your neighbor’s beer fridge, to be honest. 

It’s not on store shelves yet, but it will be soon. Provided those shelves you’re looking for are at Lucky’s markets around the state. Can’t go anywhere else for this. 

If you do, they’ll just wonder why you’re making such a big deal. 

Drink Florida Craft,




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