Brew Review – Isle be Black by Bone Hook Brewing @bonehookbeer

I’m a sucker for a good, classically brewed Irish Stout. It’s jsut a little problematic since every brewery that makes one tends to make it only for St. Patrick’s Day, deplete their small batch as soon as possible, then go back to whatever overly hopped blonde ale is popular this month. 

Keep them on tap, please. Bone Hook Brewing did. And I got a nice, full crowler of Isle Be Black (Stout, 5.25% ABV) because of it, too.

It’s such a good style, and it actually works pretty well in Florida. Sure, it looks dark, and – naturally – it’s chocked full of dark malts imparting a nice roasted flavor with hints of coffee, chicory, and oak. But that doesn’t mean the beer is heavy. It’s not, it’s just flavorful. 

The beer is an excellent, true to style Irish Stout, so it’s nicely light and refreshing along with all of those big flavors. It makes for a quality brew that has a lot of flavor and some of the qualities of something much bigger and heavier, without the need to take a nap after a single pint. 

Hopefully it’ll stick around. If not, I’m sure it’ll return soon. 

Drink Florida Craft and tiptoe very carefully around the need to make excessive Arnold Schwarzenegger references, 




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