Brew Review – Firestorm by Big Storm Brewing @bigstormbrewing

I’m torn. 

On one hand, I don’t particularly care for most IPAs. I Just don’t want bitter for the sake of bitter. I just find it to be overly silly. 

On the other hand, I’ve developed a bit of a taste for Cascadian Dark Ales, otherwise known as the black IPA. There’s something about the richness of a heavy roasted malt that helps to filter and smooth out  some of the aggressive bitterness.

Case in point: Firestorm (Black IPA, 5.8% ABV, 50 IBU) from Big Storm Brewing. Here you have a brew bursting with a strong, floral hop character. Leave it alone, and you have your standard, somewhat aggressive IPA. 

Bring in the dark and roasted quality of a malt bill closer to a porter and everything pretty much changes. Now those lupulins have something to really play with, and what you end up with is a beer whose bitterness is soaked up somewhat by a deep, bready undercurrent. The hops are still present and still a driving force, but it’s not off putting at all. 

So there you have it. A substyle I enjoy, firmly nestled within a style I’m not particularly fond of.  Confusing, I will admit, but there you go. 

In the meantime, I’m having another. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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