Brew Review – Gateway Gold by Ft. Myers Brewing @fmbrew

With the number of beers I get for the blog, it’s completely unreasonable for me to buy a six-pack for every review. I just can’t drink that much, nor do I have any great desire to do so. 

So I’ll usually buy singles. Ordinarily, this poses no problem. Sometimes I have a problem when the single rings up at the price for the fill 6-pack. This is easily resolved. But when I got my sole can of Gateway Gold (Blonde Ale, 4.1% ABV) from Ft. Myers Brewing, it rang up at $55. Apparently, the can’s SKU had also been given to a desk, hence the price. 

Things would have been easier if I had just gotten the 6-pack. Much better, too, since I had no idea how good the beer was going to be. 

Named for a neighborhood in Ft. Myers just north of the airport, Gateway Gold was meant to be a gateway to craft beer for those still stuck in macroland. It’s a great starter, too, with a smooth, easy drinking mouthfeel and a wonderfully malty flavor profile that is sweet and very inviting. 

It would be easy to drink a 6-pack of this, especially on a balmy Southwest Florida day.  To make things easier, packs of these seemed to be pretty much everywhere in that section of the state. 

And it may actually be worth the $55. 

Drink Florida Craft,




One thought on “Brew Review – Gateway Gold by Ft. Myers Brewing @fmbrew

  1. I have wondered how you get a taste of all the great beers you write about…….apparently you PAY for them…….Good for YOU!

    Seems to me that is more objective….and journalistically PROPER.

    I KNOW that it does not come from Florida, but when I opened this blog, I was prompted to go to my own icebox (ok. refrigerator!) and get a beer to drink with my READING.

    I have chosen a Simpler Times Lager (in a can…from the local Trader Joes….a product of a Wisconsin brewery….and an EXCELLENT beer!) to enjoy. I think it is my FAVORITE these days, since I can not get one of your FLORIDA beers!



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