Brew Review – Havana Lager by Concrete Beach @ConcreteBeachFL

To Miami is to Cuba. To Cuba is to Miami. It’s inevitable. 

I tend to not really read my past posts, but one that I come back to from time to time is a piece I wrote a year or so ago about La Tropical, a beer that had been brewed in Cuba for generations and was successfully resurrected at Concrete Beach by the relatives of the original owners. 

I liked it, if only for the sheet amount of research and history that I was able to put into the article. But I never had it again, and I keep hoping to see it show up on store shelves. It never did, but Concrete Beach has released something similar,  Havana Lager (Vienna Lager, 5.2% ABV, 20 IBU). 

It’s still a Vienna Lager, just like La Tropical. But they are distinctly different recipes according to Concrete Beach. La Tropical was a bit darker with a mellow hop character and good, noticeable caramel quality.

Havana Lager is a bit more Florida, bringing the color up a bit and losing some of the caramel quality in favor of a bubbly biscuit base. The hops are just a touch more noticeable and earthy, but not overly so. It still maintains a lot of the classic Vienna qualities whie still creating a good character of its own.

It’s (unfortunately) not a permament release, but it is still available. And with their sleek black new cans, they’re pretty sharp and noticeable.

And maybe we can get both Vienna Lagers our in the market soon.
Drink Florida Craft,

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