Red White and Brew Crew discount program for Florida Breweries @rwbrewcrew

Red White and Brew Crew is a new discount program exclusively for participating breweries. Founded by two friends and co-workers in Key West, the membership offers a discount to a growing number of Florida brewers. 

The gestation of the program came in March 2016, when Nathan and Derick were “having a beer together discussing how great it would be to get involved in the Florida Craft Beer industry, according to Derick. After looking at current craft beer clubs, they realized most exisitng clubs sent beer to the consumer, but offered no incentive to get the consumer to the breweries themelves. Thus, Red White and Brew Crew was born.  

Derick mentioned that their “vision is that if our member lives in Tampa and travels to Miami or anywhere else for work or pleasure, they will visit our Discount Locator Page to see who offers discounts to members. So far, we have had positive feedback from members and brewers.” 

“The concept is really quite simple, he continued. “We partner with breweries and craft beer bars that offer a discount of their choice to our members, and we sell very affordable memberships to cover our operating expenses. They have been offering memberships for about 5 months and have roughly 200 members at this point. In addition to going to, they can be found at beer festivals, partner breweries, and will even have a team competing in the Ft. Lauderdale Craft Beer Summer Games on Sept. 9th.

They also offer donations to partner breweries to raffle during their fundraising events, as well as post their promotions and other items on our social media accounts. “In July we co-hosted a “Military Morale Day” with 81 Bay Brewing in Tampa to raise money for the Florida Veterans Foundation,” says Derick. 

As always, we offer 20% off for Miliatry, Police, and First Responders. Interested breweries or craft beer bars can visit RedWhiteandBrewCrew.Com to get more information and E-mail to discuss partnering. 

As a special to Florida Beer Blog readers, Red White & Brew Crew will offer BOGO memberships until the end of August. All you need to do is follow them on Instagram and send them a direct message mentioning this blog. Check it out today!

Drink Florida Craft,




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