Brewery Visit – Ookapow Brewing @ookapowbrewing

Call this a pre-visit. 

Ookapow Brewing is soon to be a brand new brewery in the Warehouse District of West Palm Beach, located on Old Okeechobee Rd. very close to downtown and landmarks such as the Kravis Center. The official grand opening will be on Saturday, Sept. 2nd, but Ookapow’s head brewer and co-founder Damian Ramos invited me out to see the new digs. 

Right inside the door were two gorgeous barrels from St. Augustine Distillery, ready to be filled with beers coming soon. Between them and Ookapow’s workhorse 1 BBL system were their fermentation tanks, many bubbling away with beers ready for the grand opening. In fact, Damian set to kegging a fresh batch of their Cream Ale (Cream Ale, 5% ABV, 18 IBU), a light and refreshing ale smoothed out with additions of oats and corn. 

Ookapow has used this recipe for a number of treatments, and Damian even arrived with a bag of jackfruit intended for a future treatment. It was nice, however, to have some completely untreated to taste a lot of the subtleties and clean flavors in a regular batch. 

As Damian kegged and his partner Jeff Singletary prepped equipment for the next day’s brew, they let me know Oookapow was going to be, at the present time, open Wed-Sun, mid-afternoon (3-5 PM-ish) until about 10, with predictably later hours on Friday and Saturday.

He also cracked open a bottle of a truly luxurious Russian Imperial Stout (Stout, 11% ABV). I can’t wait for more people to try it; it’s smooth and incredibly complex with absolutely massive notes of prune, raisin, and molasses. There wasn’t a trace of alcohol burn at all, no small feat with such a high ABV. There are a lot of plans for this beer, so stay tuned. 

And when they finish, it’ll be at Ookapow, opening in just a few weeks. Judging by the word of moth I’ve already heard about, they’ll find themselves pretty busy. 

Drink Florida Craft,




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