Brew Review – Vega by First Magnitude @FMBrewing

It’s actually pretty amusing to see what has been named Vega:

  • A 1970’s compact car from GM
  • A Spanish fighter from Street Fighter 
  • A city in North Texas
  • The 5th brightest star in the night sky
  • A crater on the Moon
  • A Swedish steamship
  • A blonde ale from First Magnitude Brewing
  • The AI that runs the Mars facility in DOOM that opens a gateway to Hell

Guess which one I’m writing about?

So Vega (Blonde Ale, 4.9% ABV) from First Magnitude in Gainesville is one of their increasingly easy-to-find canned releases. I’ve had a lot of their canned releases so far, and have had yet to be disappointed. 

Vega didn’t either. In fact, it’s one of the better blonde ales I’ve had. I tend to like my blonde ales a bit more malty and sweeter, and Vega was literally everything I had hoped for. It has a moderately deep golden color, and an aroma big on bready notes accentuated with a slight citrus ting. 

The taste of the beer has a solid, meaty biscuity quality, with lots of bready sweetness. The hop characteristics of the beer are kept quite low and are barely noticeable when compared to the blonde ales of more hop-obsessed breweries. Vega tends to have a slight lemony quality to it, but the alpha acids from more bold citrus hops are not present. 

All of which is fantastic. It’s a refreshing brew and a great way to spend a Florida evening looking at the night sky and the 5th brightest star. And a moon crater. While relaxing on the hood of a 70’s car. In North Texas. 

Next to a gateway to Hell? Not sure how that ending came about.

Drink Florida Craft, 




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