Brew Review – Industrial Porter by Due South Brewing @duesouthbrewing

I think it was on our honeymoon to Ireland that my wife and I really began to adore porters. I remember drinking the local behemoths beer – you know what it is – and both of us really developing a taste for the clean, dark, malt-heavy brew. 

Somehow, that style has fallen out of favor a bit with beer drinkers, in this state at least. Every Porter has to be flavored with chocolate and coffee and custard and cherries and a bunch of other things more at home in a Golden Corral dessert bar than in a beer. 

But finding a classic, workhorse Porter sometimes gets to be a tall order. That’s why I was happy to hear about  Industrial Porter (Porter, 4.2% ABV) from Due South.

To be sure, it’s a taproom exclusive, but there are some beers worth that. Industrial is that way. 

There’s a great, smooth mouthfeel to the beer and a wonderful aroma of dark bread. Lots of big, bold malty notes of roast come on the flavor along with a slight ting of coffee, dark cocoa, and slightly earthy noble hops give this brew the classic flavor a solid, unfussy character that many are not interested in releasing anymore, sadly. 

I’m sure they can treat this beer with whatever and they would definitely do a great job at it. But sometimes it’s good to drink something classic and clean, and to find it close to home. 

Not that I’m against going back to Ireland. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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