Brew Review – Piddle by Pinellas Ale Works @pawbeer

Please, for the love of Pete (whoever that is) don’t take the name of this beer as an indication of quality. 

But the name Piddle (Pilsner, 4.9% ABV) is so practically perfect for a beer of this style. Theu both share the same golden hue, and it fits well with PAW’s great dog theme. 

That’s really where the similarities end. Obviously the flavors of the beer share nothing in common with their namesake, or so I can safely assume.

Piddle (the beer) is pretty light and sweetly crisp, with a solid biscuity base and just a light touch of hops. It’s fantastically flavorful with a light body and smooth drinkability. Plus it’s available in cans at the brewery right now. 

The other one is, well, dog urine. No one wants that. 

Drink Florida Craft,




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