Brew Review – Piñas Envy by Accomplice Ciderworks @accomplicecider

Piñas Envy. 

I am just going to let the name of this cider sit here for a while. 

The best part is my wife was the one that told me about it, giggling while she did so (because that’s what you do when you order a drink with this name). When I finally got to try Piñas Envy (Cider, 5.5% ABV), the beer bar we were at couldn’t even put the cider’s true name up there. 

They juat labeled it a generic ‘Pineapple Cider.’

And yes, that will inherently describe the cider, a bit more noticeably sweeter than their normal European-style dry ciders. 

A lot of that will be thanks to the pineapple, sweet and flavorful and completely eshewing the trademark high acidity that completely destroys my acid reflux. 

It’s pretty tasty for a cider, and remarkably sweet without being syrupy. The pineapple is the star here, quite flavorful and delicious, no matter what the beer bar calls it.

Let your piñas flag fly. 

Drink Florida Craft,




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