Brew Review – M.I.A. Sharona by MIA Brewing @MIABrewing

As much as I would love for this post to go into a short history lesson of German beers and brewing in our Sunny Neighbor to the South, but MIA did name this beer after a classic Knack song. Which is why I had to sing this after ordering M.I.A. Sharona (Mexican Lager, 5.1% ABV):

Earworm central, my friends. And the solo starting at 2:43 really is something. 

So the beer is a Mexican Lager, a style I’ve grown to despise with what I consider to be the worst beer ever (do I need to mention the name?) 

But I gave the beer a chance and I’m glad I did since the beer was pretty solid. There’s a great light body to it, but has a good solid sweetness to it due to the use of maize. Mexican lager yeast and a light dusting of Hallertauer hops round out an unexpectedly flavorful beer. 

It’s a pretty good brew, simple and unassuming but fantastically flavorful. 

And it comes with its own soundtrack. 

Drink Florida Craft, 



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