Brew Review – Ramble On Raspberry by 81Bay Brewing

81Bay Brewing is one of those breweries that makes me sad that I can’t go to often enough. It’s almost a crime that we’re in the same state, but they’re just far enough away to make things difficult to get there for me. 

If they were closer, I would probably go a lot more, if only to take in the almost hypnotic decor and get pints of their  Ramble On Raspberry (Fruit Beer, 5.5% ABV)

What I enjoy most about Ramble On is how tart the beer ends up not being. For a raspberry beer, it ended up being refreshingly fruity with just a touch of tatness coming from the giant boxes of fresh raspberries they use when brewing up each batch. I know, I saw the boxes myself the last time I visited. (Come to think of it, I probably saw the berries used to treat the batch I drank.)

The base beer is similar to their other top mover Lightning Lager, but definitely a bit deeper in malt flavor. On its own I can see this being a pretty solid, biscuity Blonde Ale. Its destiny was to get the raspberry treatment, and that is an excellent use of the beer. 

Ramble On is definitely 81Bay’s surprise hit brew, and tasting it shows exactly why people enjoy it so much. 

If only it wasn’t so far away…

Drink Florida Craft,




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