Press Release – @SwampHead Brewery expands to South Florida

GAINESVILLE, F.L., October 9th, 2017 – Swamp Head Brewery answers long-time South Florida demand with distribution of their draft and canned products starting in late October 2017. The Gainesville brewery announced today that it will begin distributing cans of Wild Night Honey Cream Ale, Stump Knocker Pale Ale and Big Nose IPA to Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties starting Wednesday, October 18th 2017.

Swamp Head’s owner, brewers and a number of other team members will host launch events during the week of October 16th and will be brewing a collaboration beer with local brewery Wynwood Brewing to commemorate the launch.

Six packs of Wild Night Honey Cream Ale, Stump Knocker Pale Ale and Big Nose IPA will be available at select grocery stores and independent bottle shops. All five of their year round beers, which add Midnight Oil Oatmeal Coffee Stout and Cottonmouth Belgian Witbier to the aforementioned list, will be available on draft throughout their distribution footprint.

“We’ve had our eyes on South Florida distribution for some time. It seems like people are excited to have us down there, and we’re excited to finally be distributing our beer in the entire state of Florida,” said Luke Kemper, owner.

With the launch of these new counties, Swamp Head will have distribution of their draft and canned beer throughout the entire state of Florida.

“It will be very nice to have a different answer to the standing question: ‘When are you coming to South Florida?” said Kemper.

The brewery, which is known for their efforts focused toward protecting Florida’s natural treasures and spending time in the state’s outdoor beauty, feels that their canned beer is a natural fit for a day outside in the most tropical part of Florida.“Our main goal is to be ‘Florida’s brewery,’ and we have always had the vision of our beer being an integral part of Floridians spending a day on the water or on a hike through the woods,” said Brandon Nappy, marketing director. “Now we get to share that with even more folks.”

“Our main goal is to be ‘Florida’s brewery,’ and distributing throughout Florida is one of the last pieces of that puzzle,” said Brandon Nappy, marketing director.

The brewery does not plan to distribute its beer outside of Florida. Quality control and decreased carbon footprint are listed as reasons for Florida-only distribution.

“We want to be ‘Florida’s Brewery.’ Florida is our home, and we want to stay here and provide Floridians and visitors to our state with beer. We don’t need to be a massive brewery with national distribution,” Nappy said. “On top of that, the farther our beer goes, the more energy it takes to get there. We feel like that goes against everything we stand for.”

In an effort to prepare for growth, Swamp Head Brewery constructed a new, larger brewery in Gainesville in 2015, expanding their production capabilities and bringing to life a new, larger tasting room, an expandable solar power grid and a significant investment in the brewery’s lab and quality control program.

“The quality of a brewery’s beer is the backbone of the entire company. Our quality assurance program at the new brewery is one of the most in-depth in the state, and we are continuing to grow,” said Nick Dunn, Director of Operations.

Swamp Head’s new brewery, which consisted of a new 13,500 sq. ft. single-story production building, more than tripled the brewery’s production capabilities upon completion, bringing their estimated yearly volume to 18,000 barrels (558,000 gallons) from their previous brewery’s capacity of under 6,000 barrels.

Less than a year and a half later, the brewery underwent another expansion, increasing their production capacity by 70 percent. The recent expansion took place in June 2016, adding 480 barrels (14,880 gallons) of fermentation capacity. The increase gives the brewery the necessary breathing room to expand its distribution to new markets.

“We have always been very careful to not expand too far too fast,” said Kemper. “The last thing we want to do is give someone a beer and then take it away. Nobody likes that. We are now ready get to new places and stay there.”

As the brewery grows and expands, they have been able to begin sustainability practices that they have long had their eyes on. Working with Solar Impact of Gainesville, Swamp Head became the first brewery in Florida to have a portion of their operations solar powered. Swamp Head has plans to greatly expand the solar power grid at their brewery in the future.

The tasting room at Swamp Head, dubbed “The Wetlands,” is 100% carbon neutral, and the brewery has orchestrated the planting of over 100,000 trees near their home in Alachua County.

Swamp Head, founded in 2008, brews craft beer for the citizens and visitors of Florida. The brewery’s year round beers include Wild Night Honey Cream Ale, Cottonmouth Belgian Witbier, Stump Knocker Pale Ale, Midnight Oil Oatmeal Coffee Stout and Big Nose IPA. The brewery also produces Spasmodic, Migrational and Elusive Reclusive releases, which are available on a limited basis.


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