Brew Review – Bumby Blonde Ale by Ocean Sun @oceansunbrewing

Bumby is not an appetizing word. It sounds like Gumby’s sad, less intelligent cousin. 

But if you’re from Orlando, you immediately recognize the word as a fairly well-travelled avenue close to downtown, intersecting Colonial Dr. at that giant shopping plaza that used to be a covered mall (extra special bonus points if you remember Ronnie’s). Close to Bumby Ave., near its intersection with Curry Ford Rd. (once again, Orlando with the odd street names) is the home of Ocean Sun Brewing. 

Since March of 2016, Ocean Sun and its head brewer Noah Cowles have been bringing true to style brews to the Orlando area. They’re already in limited distribution, which is how I got a growler filled – at the Total Wine near the intersection of Colonial and Bumby, ironically enough – with Bumby Blonde (Blonde Ale, 6.7% ABV).

Bumby Blonde is sort of like an Everlasting Gobstopper in that the flavors of the beer tend to unfold gradually with each sip. The first sip has a big, biscuity sweetness to it. From there, the next few sips tend to be a bit hoppy, with a gental floral, earthy bouquet that belies a lot of the malt as well. 

Once that subsides, then the yeast really shows its stuff, As a bubble gum-esque Belgian bonanza really takes a hold of the taste buds. It tends to finish off the pint as well. 

And it’s good, a lot more appetizing than the name Bumby would sound, to be honest. 

At least you know there are good things on that road. 

Drink Florida Craft,




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