Beer Review – Passport 35 by Florida Beer Co. at Epcot Food & Wine @floridabeer @waltdisneyworld 

It genuinely pains me to say this, but the downward slide of customer service at Walt Disney World, notably Epcot, is nothing short of breathtaking. 

I remember how things used to be; they were actually quite  fun. Employees were nice, food was excellent, and a day in the parks was actually a good time. Now, you have security guards that act like they’re guarding the Hope Diamond, ride operators that openly mock you for not knowing every detail of their increasingly rediculous Fastpass system, and an extra special shoutout to the college kid at Guest Relations for forcing a 2 year old to wait in the heat almost 2 hours for food instead of trying to help. 

Absolutely wonderful there. 

For example, there’s the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. A longitudinal look at the event shows you rising prices, smaller portions, and a strangedisinterest in quality. What was usually the signature dish of the event, those wonderful escargot, kept shrinking and shrinking and shrinking, each delineatol accompanied by an opposite but equal raise in price. 

For the first time, I noticed the beer flights are accompanied by the same issues. Previous years had a flight of four beers at around $10.50. This year, it has shrunk to 3 beers for $9. And I noticed that, apart from a few notable excepions, the domestic beer selection at this year’s event is a veritable rainbow of AB-InBev. 

Disney still has their yearly exclusive brew from Cape Canaveral’s Florida Beer Co., this year’s being  Passport 35 (Stout, 5% ABV, 35 IBU), the name a nod to this being Epcot’s 35th anniversary. 

Pictured is the general draft pour (which runs arounf $6-7), not the flight pour. This is an important distinction, since when I walked up and got my flight with this beer in it, the flight had been oured ahead of time and was allowed to sit, on the counter, without any attempt to keep the beer fresh or cold. I asked how long they had been sitting out, and the answer I received was “it hasn’t been that long.”

It hasn’t been that long. I can’t even get a fresh pour?

I should have asked for a fresh flight, since all of the beers were noticeably flat. THis review is based off the draft draw pictured above, which was good since this beer was flat out amazing. 

I mean really, really, really good. It’s advertised as a triple chocolate milk stout, and it’s just about as luxurious and velvert smooth as you can get without pouring it on nitro. 

This beer on nitro… now that sounds amazing…

Okay, so the chocolate did not disappoint at all. And it actually tastes like a milk chocolate, the closest beer I’ve ever seen that does that. Most beers err on the side of a dark roasted cacao flavor. Passport 35, however, i light and creamy and has a candy bar like chocolate flavor that needs to be tasted to be believed. And the lactose, such wonderful lactose, makes everything so luscious and smooth. 

Is this a beer to have again and again? Sure thing. Could you session this? Possibly, but you wouldn’t want to. It’s not a heavy beer by any mean, but it sure is rich and decadent. 

Passport 35 is limited to the Food & Wine Festival, which ends fairly soon. There is a possibility the beer is also able to be found elsewhere in Orlando, but I want to make certain before I mention details. What I will say is I genuinely hope so, since while the beer is incredble, what it takes to get it is most definitely not.

And even a beer this good can’t make up for service that bad. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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