Brew Review – Miss Mary Brown by Central 28 @Central28Beer

Yeah, and he shall lament the forgotten joys of the brown ale…

Maybe that’s a bit much, but people jsut don’t make brown ales like they used to. I like brown ales, and I’m a big fan of Central 28 Brewing in Debary. To be honest, I had no idea they had a brown ale in release, that brew being Miss Mary Brown (Brown Ale, 6% ABV), named after the Great Grandmother of Central 28’s co-owner Kathy DeBisshop.

It ends up being a solid brown ale, hitting all the right notes in all of the right ways. The malt is almost hysterical in its classic bready and slightly toffee notes, with a warm yeasty undercurrent ripe with a slight raisin and roasted quality. The oatmeal qualities of a smooth mouthfeel and light muting of the flavors give a silky sheen to the beer. 

I was a little amazed at a slight aggressiveness to the hops, just a tough more electric than your usual Hallertauer varieties. It’s not bad, just more of a extra kick that wasn’t completely expected. 

And if you want said kick, Miss Mary Brown is being carted around the Central Florida area in kegs, plus six packs can be gotten directly at the source in Debary. It’s worth it, the brew is pretty solid. 

And you wouldn’t want to make their great-grandmother upset, would you?

Drink Florida Craft, 




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