5 Best Xmas gifts for beer lovers from FoosballZone.com

It is that time of year when everything shines brightly and everything seems better and prettier. The holiday season is dear to all of us because we have few days off to celebrate with our families and give them presents. I want to focus on the special category of presents and that are presents for beer lovers. There is no better way to show a beer lover that you love him than something from this list.

Beer Making Kit

Beer making kit speaks for itself and it is one of those things that will separate beer lovers from true beer lovers. A kit like that is a chance for your loved one to make a beer like he loves it. It doesn’t matter if it is a lager, dark beer or some third, he can make it with this kit. Well, maybe not from the beginning but everybody have to start from somewhere. A beer making kit like this one is great because it explains everything so even a beginner can make a good beer.

Libbey beer 6-glass set

There is much more in beer than drinking it and every beer lover knows that. If you aren’t interested in beer but you have to listen to it most of the time this presentation is a great idea. Why? Well, because every beer enthusiast has talked about beer and which glass is for what type so by buying this set you will show your loved one that you listen and you support his beer passion.

Foosball table

I believe that foosball table + beer + friends equal the best spent evening in most beer lovers because it offers you a great time, relaxed atmosphere and tons of fun. A foosball table is a great present because everybody has to have a foosball table at least once in their life. A combination of foosball and beer is my favorite combination because one completes the other. Also, which game table has built-in cup holders – only foosball table. 

Corkcicle Chillsner

This is not only for beer; it is to keep every beverage in the bottle cold. Keep in mind that it is made for a beer so it fits most beer bottles and that is something I can’t say for other beverages. So what is it? It is a tube (in the lack of a better word) which you put in the bottle and it cools your beer from the inside. That means that the cooling system goes inside, which means cold beer fast and for a long time. Perfect for hot days.

Mini Keg Refrigerator & Dispenser

Not every beer lover drinks his beer from the bottle so I decided to add another cooling system to the list. For this refrigerator, you will need keg because it is made for it. Not only it is a keg refrigerator, it is a keg dispenser as well. That means that you can have ice cold beer from the keg anytime.

Author bio:

This article is written by guest contributor Mark. He is a blogger and a foosball table and he combined those two in the blog about foosball called the Foosball Zone. On that blog, he writes about foosball, foosball tables and parts, their maintenance and foosball records, and the championship. If you want to know more about foosball check out his blog foosballzone.com/foosball-table/.


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