Brewery Visit – Bousa Brewing @BousaBrewing

This is an odd start to a blog post, but there’s something to be said about breweries that operate right next to train tracks. It’s oddly soothing and more than a little fun to watch.

That actually explains the entire feeling of being at the newly opened Bousa Brewing. 20171221_170048

Upon arriving I had a lengthy conversation with co-founder Enrique Garcia and their new brewmaster Kayla Brogna, formerly of Sierra Nevada. My first question: what’s with that name?

20171221_170105Bousa (and we kinda agreed that BOO-zah was sort of the easiest of the three possible pronounciations of the word) is a fermented beverage of Middle Eastern origin. It’s made with Egyptian barley, and has the distinction of being the entymology of the more common word booze. 

Second question, are they going to make some? They’ll look into it.20171221_170124

We all talked for a bit describing how wonderful the Miami brewing scene is becoming and hoe welcoming other area brewers are. Bousa even completed their first collaboration with Lincoln’s Beard Brewing on Bird Rd. Brewers have been especially welcoming to Kayla, with many coming just to meet her (and I spoke to her on what was only her fifth day at the brewery).

The owners have given Kayla a considerable amount of freedom with the brewing system, and she’s already put her considerable knowledge to good use. She had just engineered some changes to the brewing system, and was itching to get into using the system for her own nefarious purposes.20171221_170208

One thing both Kayla and Enrique were very eager to do was to use bright, vibrant Miami flavors in the beers. South Florida is bursting with interesting, unique prduce, all of which they were interested in) getting into some of those brews as soon as possible.

And they have quite the facility with which to make those beers as well. There’s a nicely sized 15 BBL brewing system feeding a strong assortment of fermentation tanks, with plenty of space to add more soon. Hanging above the brewing floor are flags representing the home countries of the founders (with a new American flag to welcome their new brewmaster).20171221_170153

The tap room is white brick with lots of ivy, gining a clean, pastoral, and trendy look to the non-production side of the facility. Just inside the large french doors sit a roped-off area hosting games and even a kids area with games, videos, and more. I was very happy to see this, as I enjoy seeing breweries starting to enbrace families more and more.20171221_170222

I didn’t have nearly as much time as I would have liked, but I immediately had to try their Marzen (Marzen), a slightly caramely malt-fest that has a lot of great qualities and was infinitely drinkable. 20171221_170139

It was good, but couldn’t compete with a Stout (Stout) whose star feature was the overly delicious aroma of locally roasted coffee. Seriously, it took a lot of effort to stop smelling this beer and actually taste some. The smell was just so inviting. The flavor was there as well, incredibly warm and sharp with great toasted malt and the slightest undercurrent of roastiness as well. 20171221_170304

But those were made by the previous brewmaster, and I really can’t wait to see what Kayla has up her sleeve. Her beers are starting to come on tap now, with their holiday release having taken place last week. They also have plans for jazz Sunday brunches, something I am definintely very excited to try out.

Going there was a good time, but I really can’t wait to see how things are now. Bousa definitely has a bright future ahead of them.

Train headlights notwithstanding.

Drink Florida Craft,




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