Brew Review – Mayport Red by Atlantic Beach Brewing @PursuingCraft

Jacksonville is only send to Pensacola in terms of cities whose beer scenes I’m just not plugged into at all. And it sucks.

There’s clearly a lot I’m missing, both in beer and sheer geography.

All this time I was under the horribly misguided assumption that Atlantic Beach Brewing is a little farther down the East coast of the state. Nope, it’s firmly in the Jacksonville Metro area, just a little north of Jacksonville beach.

And north of that is Mayport, home to a significant Naval base (once again, something I had no clue about).

Atlantic Beach Brewing knew, which is why they brewed Mayport Red (Red Ale, 5% ABV, 41 IBU) to honor those that serve the red, white, and blue.

Picture lovingly stolen from Atlantic Beach Brewing because I’m a terrible blogger and accidentally deleted my pic.

They did a great job in honoring our servicemembers. As a red, it strikes a remarkable balance between hops and malt. The malt gives a light caramel feel with just a hint of biscuit, while the Chinook and Centennial lend a light, earthy component.

It’s incredibly easy to drink and lends itself to being sessioned quite easily. A great way to honor those serving our military and the Jacksonville area as a whole.

An area I clearly need to learn more about.

Drink Florida Craft,


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