Brew Review – Super Secret Stout by Bold City Brewery @BoldCityBrewery

The funny thing is I had no idea The Pub was experimenting with ‘pour your own beer’ stations. At least they were in the location at Pointe Orlando in, well, Orlando.

They might have hated the fact that I saw it, though. When I went, their tap list was a little underwhelming, and the service staff we had wasn’t the best in terms of knowing their beers. It was during a massive special event, so what was I to do?

The answer was to spy a tap handle of Bold City’s Super Secret Stout (Stout, 7.5% ABV), nitro no less, on those self serve taps the restaurant had unceremoniously turned off. I asked very nicely and got me a goblet of this wonderous brew.

SSS is absolutely fantastic, everything I love in a stout. Sweet stout, mostly, since the lactose is delicately balanced with a deep and rich roasted malt vibrantly laced with wonderful notes of chocolate and coffee.

Naturally, the nitro pour makes everything creamy and velvety smooth. It’s literally one of the softest and most flavorful beers I’ve had, and a good reminder of exactly how much a beer trip to Jacksonville is sadly overdue for me.

Until I get there, at least I know where I can pour a pint for myself.

Drink Florida Craft,


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