Press Release – LauderAle Releases Rare Bottle S.S. Copenhagen

First in the Shipwreck Series

On Sunday, April 8th, at 11am, LauderAle Brewery and Taproom in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will be releasing the SS Copenhagen, the first in their Shipwreck Series, which consists of periodic releases of very limited-edition beers, each named after famous Florida shipwrecks.

The S.S. Copenhagen is a barrel-aged version of their Rapture of the Deep, an aggressive and bold Russian Imperial Stout with notes of bitter chocolate, roasted coffee, all balanced with an
underlying maple sweetness & chewy mouthfeel.

Like the sunken vessels themselves LauderAle seeks to honor these historical landmarks off the peninsular coasts of South Florida, as well as celebrate their own internal maritime heritage.

The owners behind LauderAle grew up on the water, and have a deep appreciation and knowledge of diving, fishing, boats and the ocean, which shows in their brewery beyond the Shipwreck Series; check out their taplist and overall aesthetic for proof.

The S.S. Copenhagen was a cargo steamer that was carrying coal from Philadelphia to Havana, and slammed into a reef near Pompano Beach, Florida, on May 26th, 1900.

The ship remained visible above the water until WWII naval fighter pilots used her for target practice.

The SS Copenhagen site was dedicated as an historical preserve, and is now a popular diving site. With an estimated 10,000 visitors per year, it is by far the most popular underwater preserve in the state.

Visit the taproom on Sunday, April 8th, at 11am to get your hands on this very special bottle, it won’t be around as long as the shipwreck.


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