Press Release – Godfather of Craft Brews Florida’s Newest Beet

The most experienced craft brewer in America has brought his 40 years of expertise to Florida for the first time. And not just for any beer – he brewed the inaugural batch of Alcatraz 2X IPA in Lakeland, which is now being introduced in central Florida.

Don Barkley – the Godfather of Craft Beer – has brewed craft beer longer than anyone. He began brewing in 1978 at New Albion Brewery, which was America’s first craft brewery. Located in Sonoma, CA, in what could charitably be described as an extended metal shed, he turned out batch after batch of Amber Ales and Porters at a time when the great majority of Americans were unfamiliar with anything other than mass-produced lagers.

Barkley went on to create Red Tail Ale at Mendocino Brewery and helped spark the craft beer revolution that continues to this day. He has brewed craft beer that is enjoyed in all 50 states as well as internationally, he has been brewing longer than Sam Adams or Sierra Nevada have been in existence, but until now he has never brewed in Florida.

Why Alcatraz 2X IPA in Florida? “Why not?” asked Barkley. “I love the beer, I love the concept, and I dig being able to experience the rapidly growing craft beer scene here in Florida. It only makes sense for someone who’s lived his whole life in the Golden State to want to branch out to the Sunshine State, right?”

Besides, as he adds, “I’ve known Steve Morgan personally and professionally for many years. This was a perfect opportunity for us to work together and brew some great beer!”For Alcatraz founder and Florida resident Steve Morgan, this is personal. Morgan grew up around the water – swimming, sailing, lifeguarding, and playing water polo in college.

Today he plays water polo with a Masters group in Daytona Beach and competes in open water swims. In addition to visiting Alcatraz many times over the years, 2017 was the 14th consecutive year that he has competed in the Sharkfest Swim from the legendary Alcatraz Island through the frigid waters of the Bay to San Francisco. The past four years he has completed the swim without a wetsuit or goggles, and in 2017 he finished 3rd in his age group in 57-degree water.

So it was fitting that after running craft breweries for others for a decade and now branching out on his own, Morgan would choose the name Alcatraz for his new venture.In Alcatraz 2X IPA, Morgan and Barkley collaborated to craft a bold and iconic addition to the burgeoning craft beer scene in Florida.

This is a full-throttle India Pale Ale that features classic American hops such as Cascade and Willamette and clocks in at 8% ABV and 100 IBUs. The lightly roasted malts create a copper colored ale that has a taste as iconic as the legendary island it is named after.

Alcatraz 2X IPA is available now in central Florida. It will be found at many of your favorite places for craft beer, including ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Total Wine & More, World of Beer, and the Brass Tap. For more information on Alcatraz Brewing, please check out


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