Brew Review – PB&J Pale Ale by Big Top Brewing @bigtopbrewco

Oh, the classic PB&J.

That bastion of childhood eating, that’s still more than a little awesome even today.

Now if you really think about it, peanut butter has been a staple of craft brewing for a very long time (or at least the peanut portion of it). Fruit, as well, has been a great friend to craft brewing as well. So I find it a little odd that I haven’t actually seen anybody combining the two until I got my hands on this can of PB&J (Pale Ale, 5.2% ABV) from Big Top Brewing.

Before I go any further, let me state for the record that I had this beer some time ago, and I’m just now publishing the review. This is important to note, because when this beer was released in Sarasota, Big Top Brewing had a very awesome offer that involved his beer and local charities. If you brought in food for a local food bank, and they had one that focused on childhood hunger, they would give you a pint of PB&J for free. It’s great to see a small Craft brewery helping to tackle something as important and as sadly pervasive as childhood hunger.

All that aside, what you got for your donation was a pretty awesome pint of beer. The peanut butter aroma is not as pronounced as maybe, a peanut butter porter. It’s softer which is good, because you don’t want anything to mess with the flavors that come from adding fresh, locally sourced strawberries and raspberries as well.

Add a solid malty backbone and very low Noble Hops to the mix, and you’ve got a beer that is very enjoyable, very true to its inspiration, but isn’t overpowering in any way shape or form. It’s a fun beer, and definitely one worth checking out. Of course, I hope that this year Big Top will be brewing it again and will be offering their food drive incentive again as well. A great idea from some really great people.

Now if you can excuse me, I really need to go find a loaf of bread and some peanut butter and jelly.

Drink Florida Craft,


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