Brew Review – Riptide Brewing, Jan. ’18 @riptidebrews

(This post is one for our Christmas in June series, which is a bunch of blog posts that I had partially written for beers that appeared over the 2017 holiday season, but never managed to publish on time. Enjoy this as insight for some of the beers that you can try at these fantastic breweries, and place the blame for its untimeliness squarely on my shoulders.)

Somehow it’s a bit better for me going to Riptide Brewing in Naples after having been to the nearby Naples Zoo. For me, at least, the brewery is indelibly linked to the zoo and its most famous resident, Uno the one-eyed Florida Panther.

So we went with another family and, after the 6 of us had a good day and met Uno and everyone else, we headed to Riptide for a few rounds and some of the best chips and dips we’ve ever had. While the visit did not exactly end the way we wanted it to, we still had a good time and enjoyed the following:

Irma (Brown Ale, 6% ABV, 30 IBU) – I didn’t like Irma. Didn’t like it at all. The storm, of course. If that hurricane was as warm and comforting as the beer was, I wouldn’t have had such a problem. It was a great beer, nice and nutty as a good brown ale should be, but with a light cocoa darkness to it.

The Upside Down (Sour, 5.5% ABV) – Ah yes, the dark sour. It’s a bit more fruity than an Oud Bruin, so I’m hesitant to directly call it that. What I would do is take a sour, maybe a Berliner, give it a really good dark roast, add a touch of lemon and orange, but keep the body light and crisp. That’s what you get with this beer, refreshing and fantastic.

Deepest Depths (Imperial Stout, 12% ABV) – Motor oil, exactly how a dark Imperial Stout should be. Massive notes of coffee and chocolate with a light pruney background.

Big Cypress Stout (Stout, 4% ABV, 13 IBU) – I am sure I’ve reviewed this before, but there is nothing better than a nice dark stout with a light, drinkable body that belies how big the flavors are. Pour it on nitro, and it’s perfect.

I think we have a good plan for a good day, with the zoo in the morning and Riptide in the afternoon. It has a little something for everyone, especially if that Cuban dip is still in stock at the brewery.

Maybe I can bring some for Uno.

Drink Florida Craft,


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