Brew Review – Ciders at 3 Daughters Brewing June ’18 @3dbrewing

Ah, yes. The cider game is strong at 3 Daughters Brewing.

What started as an interesting side project has grown into a rather substantial part of the 3 Daughters identity. And that’s for good reason, since these ciders are incredibly flavorful, incredibly inventive, and push the boundaries of what I thought ciders could do.

On the whole, they tend to be on the sweeter side, and not the dry crispness that your European ciders tend to have. But it’s interesting an awesome to see what they are doing with them. I’ve mentioned their fantastic iced coffee cider before, still one of my favorites, but here’s what they were able to hook me up with on a recent visit:

Blackberry Cider (Cider, 5.5% ABV) – This one, surprisingly, was not overly sweet. There is a moderate tartness to it, a little bit deeper than the average cider. The blackberries did a great job giving a good, meaty quality to this cider.

Rosé Cider (Cider, 5.5% ABV) – The Rosé was a particular favorite of my wife. This one has an interesting crispness to it, maybe a touch dryer and definitely a lot more winey than the other varieties. From what I have been told, this is getting a lot of attention, and hopefully we’ll start to see this a little bit more often.

Cranberry Cider (Cider, 5.5% ABV) – I will be honest when I say I was shocked how much I like this cider. I don’t like cranberries, because I find them to be way too tart and just a touch too sour for my taste. I definitely pass when the cranberries when they come around at Thanksgiving. This, however, I would drink all day. You get all of the Cranberry sweetness, and very little of that tartness. Absolutely loved it.

Sangria Cider (Cider, 5.5% ABV) – Of the flight, I think this was definitely my favorite. Sangria has such a great mix of fruit flavors, but it’s still nice and light. Absolutely wonderful, and I would put it on par with that iced coffee cider as well.

They’re doing a relatively good job of rotating the ciders, so I’m interested to see what they’re going to be coming up with next on another trip to the brewery. Of course, I love that some of their ciders are already in six packs and are starting to make their way around the state, so hopefully it won’t be able to go too long without trying some of these. Some of the other varietals, hopefully we’ll get those in distribution soon.

Especially that sangria one.

Drink Florida Craft,


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