Brew Review – Anniversary Ciders at 3 Daughters @3dbrewing

It’s amazing the sheer crowd of people that hang out at 3 Daughters Brewing on a normal weekend day. And I say people, since the crowd there is made up of a fairly large amount of families.

For anyone that complains that kids shouldn’t be allowed in breweries need to come to St. Pete and see this. Kids running around and dancing, dogs hanging out, adults enjoying drinks, and no one is having a bad time.

It’s currently a Sunday afternoon as I dictate this blog post into my phone. There’s a guitarist on the stage, my beautiful wife and daughter dancing up a storm in front, a 40th birthday party behind me, and the canning line is busily humming along with a fresh run of their new orange Hard Seltzer.

Next to that canning line is the home of their 3 Daughters Cider. This small but mighty cidery just celebrated their 1st anniversary, and celebrated with the oddly described Dry Vanilla Cupcake Cider (Cider, 5.5% ABV).

Cupcakes being dry is generally thought of as a bad thing in most circles, so I was curious as to how this is going to go. I have no idea how they did it, but you can smell a strong cupcake aroma when taking a nice deep whiff of the cider. And yes, the cider is a touch drier than most of what 3 Daughters carries, but it’s not a sharp, crisp, completely bone dry cider than a European cider would be.

Instead, there’s a moderate sweetness to it with just a touch of cake-like fluffiness. You also get a nice, light vanilla flavor to the cider, helping to give it that cupcake experience.

This wasn’t our only cider, we split a pint of Lemon Basil Cider (Cider, 5.5% ABV). It’s a bit light on the basil, but you can really taste the lemon. That citrus kick tends to go very well with the apple cider base.

But it’s not all ciders there. I also got a pint of an absolutely perfect Nitro Milk Stout (Milk Stout, 6% ABV) This is an absolutely amazing implementation of the style, nice and creamy with a great cocoa flavor and almost cake like sweetness to it. I would literally drink this all day if I could.

My wife is telling me that I look crazy dictating this blog post into my phone, so I think I’m going to go. I don’t know, maybe I’ll get another one of those milk stouts before I head on out.

If someone could be kind enough to create nitro-ready crowlers, that would be great as well.

Drink Florida Craft,


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