Brewery Visit – Pierced Ciderworks

More than once I have been to a brewery that has changed locations from one place to another. It’s an odd rarity that I can say I’ve been to a location that changed from one brewery to another.

Cidery, really. If you were lucky enough to visit Sailfish Brewery when they first opened, you will remember their awesome first digs. It was two canary yellow early 20th century houses a short walk from Downtown Ft. Pierce, one containing their tiny brewing system and the other housing their tap room. In the back was an absolutely expansive patio area, with tons of space and bar games.

Sailfish quickly outgrew their digs, and those yellow houses now belong to Pierced Ciderworks, a cidery that opened in March of this year.

Most of what was there before still exists, especially that backyard. Inside, they took a welcome and decidedly awesome steampunk vibe with new features, taps, and seats.

Owner Jon Nolli decided to install a cidery, thankfully avoiding his original idea of making it a B&B and filling that patio with Airstream Trailers.

The name and their decidedly tattoo-inspired logo is sort of a play on Ft. Pierce’s name and their desire to toughen up the cider image a bit (remember, Ft. Pierce is a bit of a biker-heavy town).

Chelsea Luper is their cidermaster, a native of Washington State and no stranger to ciders. She also likes to source local ingredients for use in the ciders and future products. When I went, though, they were still getting a lot of their ciders up and going.

I purposefully did not go for their dry cider, since I wanted to see what Madame Luper could do with the ingredients she gets to play with.

On the left is a Coconut Cider (Cider, 5.5% ABV), nicely sweet with a touch of the coconut flavor that is great without being too candy-like.

The right is her Blackberry Cider (Cider, 5.3% ABV), a sweeter, more fruit-forward experience chock full of some great fruit tartness as well.

It looks like they are just getting started, an they are in good hands from what I was able to taste. That being said, I am excited to get back there to see what else is coming from their storied taps.

And play in that backyard, too.

Drink Florida Craft,


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