Brew Review – Mission to Marzen by 3 Daughters Brewing @3dbrewing

It is mid-August, the kids are back in school, there are political ads on the TV, and the temperatures will hopefully be dropping soon. All of this means it’s time for fall.

This is my wife’s favorite time of year, because she loves the changing colors, the cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes, and all of the fun holidays that will be coming in the next few months. The thing I truly love about the fall is that it’s Oktoberfest time.

One of these days I will head to Munich to see the real thing, but at least almost every brewery is going to start coming out with their own Oktoberfest beers, the Marzen. This is one of my absolute favorite styles, so I’m very happy that they’re starting to come out already.

Some I’ve been able to try, and some have been evading me for years, like 3 Daughters’ Oktoberfest beer, Mission to Marzen (Marzen, 5.1% ABV).

First of all, anything named after an old Disney attraction is definitely worth my time. Kind of miss that ride, actually. Past that, I adore the style. And finally, after I don’t know how many years of trying, I was able to connect with a pint in the St. Petersburg-based brewery.

It was definitely worth the wait. This is everything a Marzen should be, gorgeous copper color meeting an aroma that has a great earthy bouquet swirled with a strong malty sweetness.

Drinking it gives you a little more of that caramel flavor, but it’s tempered quite well with liberal Noble hops. So what you got is a beer that has a lot of the great flavors to it, but those hops prevent it from being overly syrupy. It also doesn’t come across feeling as strong as usual Marzen, maybe just a little bit less so than the traditional 6%.

About the only thing that would make it more enjoyable is to get a liter of it in one of those giant dimpled mugs with a 3D Brewing logo on the side.

Being an Oktoberfest beer, almost no one keeps theirs on tap by the time December rolls around. I for one would have no problem with it only because it’s difficult sometimes for me to connect with this beer. Hopefully it won’t be another three to four years.

Or I’ll get some crowlers and one of those liter steins.

Drink Florida Craft,


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