Brewery Visit – Inoculum Ale Works Tap Room @InoculumAW

It has been a long, strange road up to this point, but the Inoculum Brewing tap room is finally open.

It’s in St Pete, which is a great place for owner/brewmaster Nick Moensch to set up shop. It’s also about an hour away from his brewing facility in Brooksville, in slightly more upscale digs than the former brewpub that he has taken over.

I’ve been by the tap room a few times before and since my visit, I will definitely say that they’re putting in a lot of work making this a nice, quiet, swanky place to hang out and relax. Since I took the pictures above, Nick added a giant library wall of books installed, even more really cool light fixtures, and so on.

The one thing that they are not going to be changing however, is their old school overhead projector tap list. I definitely think they should never mess with that. Not only is it wonderfully retro, but it’s incredibly inventive, and I have literally never seen another brewery do that.

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen one used outside of a school setting.

The one problem that readers are going to have is because the tap room is so new, Nick is so inventive, and his incredibly genre-bending styles are so limited, there’s going to be a lot of change over the taps.

That’s a good thing for a brewery, since it’s always nice to have something new when you come in. For a blogger, that’s a little difficult for me to be up to date on everything they have.

The one beer they did have on tap that I absolutely had to have, however, was the Inoculum OBP (Pilsner, 5.6% ABV), a Father’s Day collaboration between Nick and his father Tom, who runs Orange Blossom Pilsner.

As a fan of both, this was interesting. You get Tom’s classic honey and malt flavors, with a light, bready body. And immediately after that is the sharp, wild flavor of Nick’s iconic yeast strains. It’s a great new way to drink a classic Florida beer, and well worth the wait.

They don’t necessarily do flights, but you can do a little tasters, which they call Splashes and is literally what it sounds like. Half pf the proceeds from Splashes are also regularly donated to local charities. Out of curiosity, I tried Volt (Sour Ale, 4.2% ABV), a blackberry ale which nicely blended a slightly dry berry flavor with plenty of tartness from both the berries and the yeast strain.

Nick found an excellent spot for his tap room. It’s only about two doors down from St. Pete Brewing, around the corner from Cycle, and right in the heart of the brewing explosion that’s coming to St Pete and Pinellas County. And even though he hasn’t been open very long, he’s already starting to get a lot of buzz, and there are a lot of people that are coming around to try out what’s new.

Maybe it’s just that overhead projector.

Drink Florida Craft,


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