Brewery Visit – Right Around the Corner

It is easy to find a brewery in St Petersburg.

Heck, on my last trip, I ended up driving by a few that I had no idea existed.

It is difficult however to find a brewery that goes above and beyond in its entertainment options to patrons. Yes, I am aware that every brewery is, at this point, legally obligated to provide giant Jenga and cornhole. Some of them will also have board games, maybe one of those Bahama ring toss games on the strings, and if you’re very lucky, maybe an old school Super Nintendo system setup in a corner.

Right Around the Corner Arcade and Brewery is very different.

This Brewery is basically an arcade. And it’s a fact that they celebrate quite enthusiastically. Entering Right Around the Corner is like stepping back in time a good 20 years or so. The walls are covered with video game stuff, their tap list has a pretty awesome reference to Tenacious D, there’s a bunch of arcade consoles by the front door, and if the walls aren’t covered with dart boards or the floor space isn’t covered with table games, you can bet there’s a TV and a system there ready to be played.

Even the tap handles are amazing, using zappers from the old 8-bit Nintendo era (think Duck Hunt).

I am not sure where the brewing system is, assuming it is in the back, but Right Around the Corner seems have a small Nano system and keeps as many of their home brewed beers on the tap list as possible. There are still a lot of guest beers as well, but for the most part it looks like they’re keeping it as local as they possibly can.

It was opened in 2016, on Central, very close to the concentrated brewery area that contains 3 Daughters, Cage, and Pinellas Ale Works. I didn’t have a ton of time while I was there, so I found a Super Nintendo console already loaded with Mario Kart and got my hands on Tiffany’s Melons (Pale Wheat Ale, 5.5% ABV).

Please forgive me, the beer’s name was practically invented specifically for crude humor such as that.

Frat boy jokes aside, Tiffany’s Melons was pretty fantastic. It’s a light-bodied beer, slightly hazy golden in color, very buoyant and easy drinking. The ‘melons’ part comes from the ample addition of watermelon to the beer, which gives it a great, juicy sweetness that is simply refreshing.

It looks as though Tiffany’s Melons is going to be one of their staples, which is great because this is definitely a beer that I would look forward to drinking again, especially once the dog days of summer come around again. That being said, if I am drinking this beer again, that means that I will probably also be knee-deep in a video game and will not be outside feeling the heat.

I know a ton of people that would absolutely love coming here, for the games as much as the beer. And I am looking forward to bringing them. I can only hope that Tiffany will be on tap again.

The beer, not a person. Get your head out of the gutter.

Drink Florida Craft,


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