Event – Growing a Garden at @Lauderale

What’s nice about most breweries these days is not only are they hosting beer events (obviously), but they’re also getting a lot of alternative events for people to come out and do while they’re enjoying their beers.

One of the most common are painting events, where for a set price patrons get a beer, a blank canvas, paint, and guided instruction for how to paint a specific picture. There are a lot of breweries around Florida that do that (and I even remember getting kicked out of my seat at one place in Los Angeles because they wanted to put a canvas there. How rude…).

There are some other breweries that will do things that are similar, but not painting. Lauderale, my friends close to both Port Everglades and Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, partnered with a business by the name of Garden a la Carte to actually do build your own herb gardens.

That’s what my wife and I decided to do one Saturday morning. They do it on a monthly basis and every month is a different garden, this month being a cat garden. For $30 we each got a pint of beer, a giant sparkly pail and soil, and our choice of three different plants.

It was a fun experience, the people from Garden a la Carte were very knowledgeable and grew all of the plants from seed, so you can tell it was something that they had been working on and not something they grabbed from Lowe’s on the way to the event that day. We ended up choosing catnip, lemongrass, and a chocolate mint that to think of it, would go absolutely fantastic in a beer.

Speaking of the beers, since my wife and I both got one with our ‘admission,’ I had a Dunkelfunken (Dunkelweizen, 6% ABV). I had no idea that Kyle from Lauderale was brewing a dunkelweisen, my absolute favorite style of beer. It was great in all the ways that I like this style, with a nice meaty bite, but still with a great, bubbly wheat ale body.

Being a big fan of Russian Imperial Stouts, my wife went for Rapture of the Deep (Russian Imperial Stout, 11% ABV). It’s thick and chewy, with a big, bold nose of heavy roasted malts, with a touch of coffee and slight cocoa as well.

Once the event and the beers were finished, Garden a la Carte had several samples of sugar scrubs and spice mixes, all using the spices and herbs that they grow themselves. Is a very well done, very fun activity and our cats definitely enjoyed the present that we came home with that evening.

Every month is different, and I hope that Garden a la Carte will do a rosemary, sage, and thyme turkey pot for either October or November. That would be a lot of fun. Whatever they come up with, though, it will be a worthwhile way to spend time.

And our cats thought so as well.

Drink Florida Craft,


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